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Haiku moments

Everyone in bed
except one TV watcher
snoring in his chair


Everyone on line
Since I can’t do my banking
I write poems instead


Everyone leaves town
Some folks stay home for Christmas
Just for that reason


“Everyone has one!”
Mom says that’s good reason why
I should go without.


Everyone who wins
is envied by millions who
did not even play


Our lane

Finally closed to cars, our lane

lets down her hair

for the birds



Less sparrows left to fall

Less bees to buzz

Still students writing verse


telephone faultsman

working weekends

small boy peeps out the cab

Flower power

Even broken bottles succumb

to this bright cumulus of daisies.

Along the darkling path

daisies light our way

As old friends share supper

conversation flickers

Farm gates left wide open

late Spring flowers

On her knees among the blossoms

botanist’s photographer at worship

Sparaxis elegans! Each picture more perfect!

In the car her husband dozes.