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Two gray ghosts.

On the face of it, ghostwriting appears to be a very cushy job. You get paid to write for an appreciative audience of one, with no pressure to find a publisher looming at the end of it. Most ghostwriters, I believe, see it differently. Deals go pear-shaped, months of research are wasted as a result of misunderstandings, one has to “stretch” oneself — breaching the bounds of comfort, etc, etc. But there are also the lighter moments, and out-of-the-ordinary experiences that come once in a lifetime.

A fellow ghost (with a lot more prestige than the two pictured here) and I were thinking about collaborating on a book about ghostwriting experiences. We’re open to suggestions. It could be a book of short stories based on fact, or true stories if you like (revenge might be sweet, but it better read well). Comic anecdotes, tragic events, whatever you like. Anything inspired by your own ghostwriting experiences. We think it would make great reading, what do you say?

Obviously we’d all appreciate some extra income, but perhaps the only way to do this would be as a free ebook. I suppose it depends on how many collaborators we find. But the main idea would be to have some fun. Anyone interested? Or any suggestions as to how we should set about it? — One Gray Ghostrider

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  1. Delphine says:

    Yes, I’d be interested as long as it could be later in the year. I find ghostwriting to be a wonderful environment for practicing my writing skills – writing in another person’s voice! And more lucrative than writing under your own name too!

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