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Weekly photo challenge: One

A walk in the park
Some day when life’s edges unravel
go bravely without a backward glance
memories implode cascading in
aromas of apples and croissants
unmade beds siestas “Closed at Noon”
treasures once so carelessly exchanged
tucked into a beaded evening bag
for a stranger to rediscover
dust off at some future antiques fair
reminding passers-by that affairs
have a way of coming to an end
heaven forbid that steely scentless
state reserved for others less loving
one day when we part it will be a
good-book-waiting goodbye a walk in
the park where we’ll leave regret behind
like a roses on our favourite bench


Daily Prompt: Intense!

Describe the last time you were surprised by the intensity of a feeling you had about something, or were surprised at how strongly you reacted to something you thought wouldn’t be a big deal.


I am home.
Look! Familiar flowers
suddenly far too vibrant
to cram into
my astonished lens.


The open road

There’s a golden road of petals that leads us to our dreams,
which winds through muddy pastures with stubborn gates between.
When we face a signpost, announcing roads are closed,
should we turn back, retrace our steps and do as we are told?
Or slow our speed and venture on around that slippery bend,
confident that if we’re brave, the world will prove a friend.

Black swans & black tulips

Black swanEmma black swan
This post was inspired by my favourite ballerina, Emma Campbell. Today is her 22nd birthday. Earlier this month Emma represented South Africa in a dance championship in Brighton, England where she and her partner Hercu danced the black swan pas de deux from Act III of Swan Lake. This photograph (courtesy of the Brighton ballet theatre) is a celebration of both those events.

The black swan on the left was photographed by me (at great personal risk) late in the afternoon on Irene farm. I was no match for this a fierce bird, who was convinced I was a new kind of Egyptian goose and not to be trusted anywhere near his pond.

The black tulip was photographed by my husband in Savill Gardens, Windsor in May.

I was going to write an uber serious post about Black Swan events, black tulips and pacemakers, but decided instead to recommend the movie Knowing with Nicholas Cage (basically about randomness versus determinism) or, alternatively, Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s book, The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable and Alexander Dumas’ The Black Tulip.
tulipyellow billed swan
The final swan, with its mostly black bill (also photographed by my husband) is strangely enough known as a yellow-billed swan, as opposed to the (more “common”) mute swan, which actually does have a yellow bill. Beats me!