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My ducks in a row

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When Lynn is not writing, she is kept busy caring for her family and their pets. "Hillary’s Angel" is her first novel and "Upside Down" her second.

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Wrote this one for you:


On the 15th of November last year I wrote a post about yellow-billed ducks that landed on our pool. Well, today they came back – almost a year later.


MRS DUCK: Hmmm, November 5th. Isn’t it time for our annual visit to the Sly family?
MR DRAKE: ……. [Yes dear]

Unfortunately, despite the new camera, the photography course and three months of practice, I’m no better at getting the shot than I was a year ago. Taking photos through glass is not my thing. So this is the same snap you saw last year. But I have a new picture in my head: two ducks taking off vertically, dripping with water, Mrs Duck quacking away:

MRS DUCK: You might have mentioned, it was the 15th, we’re a week early!
MR DRAKE: SSSSSSSSssso we are [snide hiss]

Today’s prompt was to imagine a conversation with a character from literature or film. I was going to write about Scarlett O’Hara. Gone with the Wind is one of few films where the girl manages to break the heart of the handsome “hero” rather than the other way round. I first saw it when I was at school and had just read the book, so I was critical of all the ways in which the film departed from the “true” story. Since then I’ve seen the film so many times that I’ve forgotten where the book differs, but Vivien Leigh just blows me away every time.

Terry Coleman’s biography Olivier describes the tempestuous relationship between Vivling and Larry. Their lifestyle rivalled Tara for sheer splendour, but the relationship still ended in tragedy. Vivien did not have her ducks in a row, anymore than Scarlett.

And if I did do some time travel and confront Scarlett/Vivien in her living room at any point in her life, I know she’d still come off best. There is no way I could ever persuade her to change her mind about anything. So I might as well just go back to my own ducks. (Thank God.)


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