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A little drop of poison …

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When Lynn is not writing, she is kept busy caring for her family and their pets. "Hillary’s Angel" is her first novel and "Upside Down" her second.

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Wrote this one for you:


A little drop of poison ...

… and a whole lot of magic. This was probably the most popular of the dance routines in my play “The Man who invented Las Vegas”. Choreographed by David Lombaard, it depicted a bordello scene. Here you can see David with principal dancers Charne Meyer, Morgan Nortje and Kayla Hilhorst.

Other dance sequences pictured here are “Money Money” from the Wall Street Black Tuesday scene (1929), “Peel me a Grape” – sung by Yots.K as Tichi, the opening “Live till I die” – also sung by Yots.K and featuring principal dancers, Otto Minnie and Morgan, and “Hit that Jive Jack” with Otto. Julie Smit choreographed the other dance routines shown here.


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