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Any mom with a “special” child need a friend?

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When Lynn is not writing, she is kept busy caring for her family and their pets. "Hillary’s Angel" is her first novel and "Upside Down" her second.

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Wrote this one for you:


The book is set on a farm that breeds and trains pointers. This is me on the beach with my cousin Jack’s rescued pointer Lucky.

I’ve written a book about being the mom of a “special” child. I wrote it as fiction so I could combine stories from different moms rather than just telling one mom’s story. Agents I approached told me that what they wanted was a true life story from just one mom. So my ms sat around for years until an ad popped up on my screen “Wanted: South African writers”. Of course it was just another one of those self-publishing things, so I didn’t follow up. But they were SOoo persistent. In the end to get them to stop emailing me I told them I was not interested because it would cost me more than I earn in a year. Then they came back with a new suggestion: If I edited it myself and published in paperback they could make it much more affordable. Well I am an editor after all, so I caved in. But now I’m finally published I find I can’t afford the shipping costs! Instead I’m going to have a big party (with no books to sign) and just celebrate that I’m finally in print. What the hell! if I only sell ebooks or kindle versions — even that will be a better than having an old ms sitting around gathering dust in a box under my desk.


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